Preface: Seeing Bergen

The people in this picture have something precious in common. They are all proud owners of ugly kangaroo wallets. Oh, and one other thing: They are looking down on the town of Bergen, Norway. And seeing Bergen, or parts of Bergen, is what this Blogger-powered site is about.

This is a photo project, where the main intention is to show Bergen. The secondary intention is to squeeze in a few words to shed some more light on these already overexposed photographs. Pay no mind to the words though, the stories and "facts" that accompany the photos are mostly based on memory, so large quantities of lies and inaccuracies should be expected. The pictures tell untruthful stories as well, showing a lot of green and sun where there's usually gray and rain. You have been warned.

I am not going to bore you with facts about the number of inhabitants in Bergen and what they all do. I am going to bore you with facts (well "facts"), about the number of inhabitants in the boroughs of Bergen. And what they all do. Shyness is nice etc,in our case this means that we won't be showing a lot of people, Bergensians in these photos. If it makes sense to separate people and places, this is more about the latter, the focus is the buildings and parks that constitute the various districts of inner city Bergen.

So tighten your retinas, and we're off.

First stop: Møhlenpris.